Clinical Canine Massage therapy for dogs in Central Florida.

Located in Hernando Beach, close to the Tampa Bay area and easily accessible from the Nature Coast & Central Florida. We help to improve your dogs mobility, maintain fitness, support orthopedic conditions & pathologies and aid rehabilitation following injury or surgery.

As humans we often enjoy the benefits of a good therapeutic massage to help with various ailments.  Dogs suffer with the same types of muscular issues as we do and I’m here to ensure that they have the same opportunity to benefit from clinical massage as people!  While working dogs and sports dogs are my specialty, all our canine friends can benefit. Elderly pets with arthritis, family dogs recovering from surgery or injury and dogs requiring support with an orthopedic condition. Show dogs benefit by helping to maintain balance and gait in the ring and our wonderful rescued dogs need some additional TLC as they readjust to life in a new home. They all deserve support in maintaining mobility and comfort.

Massage is not a replacement for veterinary care and advice, it is a therapy which compliments treatment and advice give by your vet.

In 1 to 3 sessions – Results you can see and your dog can feel.