Show Dogs

NL CH Adamoci Burmecia at Ruzuna – Annie – Annie did the Double in New Zealand BOB & BIS under Rob Dawson & BOB under Stelios Makaritis

Judges are looking for a good sound gait when your dog moves around the ring.  Pacing, lack of reach or drive, and crabbing are just some of the gait irregularities that could be caused by a muscular issue. Those long journeys to shows, being benched or waiting in crates all take their toll on our dogs. Warm your dogs up once they come off the bench or out of their crate as stiffness sets in if they’ve been stationary for a while – and warm up does not mean a quick run up and down then in the ring!!

Get your dog regularly checked over, Therapeutic Canine Massage is not a pampering treat, it is a must to keep your dogs in top muscular condition ready for when they hit the green carpet at Cruft’s and Westminster!